Bridging the Gap in Student Healthcare
Kiira is dedicated to bridging the gap between students and clinicians, fostering a culture of health awareness, and empowering healthcare delivery within academic settings.
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For Students
Empowering Student Health Awareness
A significant number of college students face barriers in accessing medical care. Our mission is to overcome these challenges.
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For College Admin
Give your students a heads start on their health with a partnership with kiira. Ready to bring Kiira to your school ? Are you a college health admin ready to partner? Request a demo with our team.
One Platform, Multiple Healthcare Touchpoints
Seamlessly connecting your school to doctors, nurses, and therapists around the clock, ensuring comprehensive healthcare support and accessibility through Kiira's innovative platform.
Health literacy Workshops
Health Education Resources
Book Online Visits
Wellness Videos
On-Campus Events
Book Your Visit Online
Take control of your health with Kiira’s convenient online booking system. Whether you need a routine check-up, specialized care, or mental health support, our platform allows you to schedule appointments with ease.
Primary Care
Schedule check-ups, and general health consultations.
Book appointments for reproductive health concerns and consultations.
Arrange sessions with qualified therapists for one on one talk therapy sessions.
Medication Management
Get prescription support from your virtual providers.
Bring Kiira to your School
Having care that you can relate to is important. Our multicultural network of providers create an inclusive space for all races, genders, and sexual identities. Available nationwide from anywhere.
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What's New in Student Health
We've got lots of resources for you on the Kick it with Kiira student page.
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Health & Wellness
Finding a way to crush your goals as college student
Tackling New Years Resolutions can be difficult- learn some tips to make them work for you.
Kaila Flemming
Health & Wellness
Navigating College with Disbilities
Navigating college with a disability can be challenging- but it is not impossible.
Kaila Flemming
Health & Wellness
Food is Love: The Holidays
This is your friendly reminder to enjoy your holidays and protect your peace.
Dr. Nnenna Abaeze DNP, RN, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC, CNL, PHN

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It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Kiira health team to increase access for our students.

Keith Flamer

President - College of the Redwoods

This is a game-changer and we are proud to support this mission

Gary May

Chancellor - UC Davis

This is a much-needed resource and we are so excited to be working with the kiira health team

Jodi Licht

Senior Director of Counseling and Accessibility Services - LIM College

"I haven't had a primary care doctor since college and have been looking for one since. With Dr. Uttamchandani, I think I've finally found the right doctor!"

Jachelle A.

Kiira Patient

“I can always count on Kiira to connect me with a doctor as soon as I need an appointment.”

Sarah G.

Kiira Member

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